Youtube channel build resources

First, you will need to choose a topic

10. Unboxing Videos

Whew! Thank goodness this video format is on the list. Unboxing videos are a favorite amongst YouTubers and it seems like viewers enjoy them just as much. Unboxings have become a key method for viewers to make purchasing decisions. They are also a great way for brands to get the word out about new and existing products.

9. Educational Videos

YouTube viewers want value from the videos they watch — so it is no surprise that educational videos are a popular video format. As a beauty and fashion YouTuber, you can easily weave educational videos into your arsenal. Viewers love videos about makeup ingredients, ethical fashion brands, the history of a certain trend or style, and more!

8. Favorites/Best Of Videos

This is another video format that is widely popular among beauty and fashion creators. Favorites videos give viewers an intimate look at the products a YouTuber really loves and is using. This is critical to the buying decision consumers make.

7. Tag or Challenge Videos

From 10 Facts About Me videos to The Highlighter Challenge, tag videos are hugely popular on YouTube. This video format allows users to watch various creators do the same challenge in their own unique way. Tag videos also encourage users to stay on the site longer and exposes them to new creators.

6. Haul Videos

Haul videos were made famous by beauty creators on YouTube and remain one of the most popular video formats to this day. Haul videos are also incredibly popular among brands who rely on hauls to organically show their newest products.

5. Comedy/Skit Videos

People love to laugh! According to research, comedy videos are the most likely video format to reach ‘viral’ status. Many beauty gurus have incorporated the skit formula in their videos in the form of fun, highly produced intros.

4. Gaming Videos

While this niche doesn’t really apply to beauty creators, gaming is one of the most popular video formats on YouTube. So if you love video games, a gaming channel might be a great idea!

3. Vlogs

Vlog channels get hundreds of millions of views as viewers are addicted to this authentic video format. Many beauty influencers incorporate vlogging into their channels (some even have a totally separate vlogging channel) and see lots of success on their vlogging videos.

2. How-To Videos

How-to videos are a beauty influencer’s bread and butter. Many channels are devoted solely to this video format and have millions of subscribers. How-to videos are the perfect combination of education and utility and viewers can’t get enough of them!

1. Product Review Videos

Now more than ever, trusted reviews are paramount to consumers making a purchase. Most people wouldn’t think of making a purchase unless they consulted online reviews first. Product reviews take online reviews a step further by allowing the viewer to actually see how a product performs while hearing feedback on the product from a creator. No wonder this useful video type is the #1 most popular video type on YouTube.

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