Types of Teak Wood

Types of Teak Wood

Burma / Burmese teak wood

Popularly called Burma teak, it usually a grown native to Myanmar or Burma and goes through a growth time of over 50 years. This is considered some of the best variety of teak wood and comes in golden shade teak wood color, elegant wood grain and contains teak tree oil inside. The highest quality sells for about Rs 9000/cubic feet and lower grades go down from here.

Indian teak

This is a famous native teak wood from old-growth forest and has properties in par with Burmese wood. Indian teak wood is out of supply in international market because it has lot of demand within the country. The pricing is also very similar to that of Burma Teak for the first quality.

Thailand teak:

This is considered superior in quality to Burmese wood as it originates from the best surrounding and growth habitats for teak wood trees. Thai teak wood has excellent strength and superior quality although is not easily available in international market.

Indonesian teak

Also called the Asian teak wood, this takes over 30 years growth period. The growth conditions are extremely suitable and hence helps the best quality of plant growth. The wood has wider wood grains, average oil content, it is light brown in color with a slight grey hue and more sound knots.

African teak

This wood planted in Africa takes a 15-25 years of growth time. This has less oil content and hence it is slightly less durable and stable compared to the above types. The color is light brown in color and has some cream color of sapwood. This has wood grains and wide and full of sound knows too.

South American teak:

This quality is similar to that of African grade and in fact even today there is a slight confusion distinguishing the two types even in market.

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